My Back Story

My back story… I am very arts and crafts orientated, turning a passion and hobby making faux floral adornments into a business venture. Many years ago I was bitterly disappointed on my own wedding day when my bouquet and other floral accessories were delivered from a local florist.  Two hours before my wedding I had a bouquet that was not what I had ordered, the flowers and foliage on all the arrangements supplied were dried out and not fresh, flowers dropping from arrangements when handled, and there was nothing I could do about it on the day.  All in all it was very upsetting – nothing to be done but to get on with the day and try not to dwell on it, but the difficulty with this was the bouquet and flowers featured on all the wedding photos and videos.

Many years later when my eldest daughter was planning her own wedding, the choice of flowers for the day arose.  I volunteered willingly to oversee and help with design of arrangements and to ensure that this bride had exactly what she wanted to prevent her having a similar experience to mine.  She chose faux flowers over fresh for bouquets and accessories so that they could be prepared well ahead of the day and to her wishes.  I also designed with her the various centrepieces and other arrangements which were a mixture of fresh and faux silk……this was so enjoyable and since then I have been dedicated to making faux, silk and mixing this with fresh floral arrangements for all occasions turning this passion into a business.

I now have an extensive selection of decorations, designs to hire or purchase including vintage and antique style accessories, candelabras and flower wall art which can be tailored to your colour scheme.

I am constantly sourcing quality accessories to hire or purchase and I would very much like to discuss individual needs and desires with clients with no obligation – so to make an enquiry about my service or to book a consultation please contact me.